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  • We provide the most durable PTO Wood Chippers in North America.

  • Get the Job Done With The Heaviest In-Class Flywheel –
    Liberty 8” DX Wood Chipper

  • The ONLY in-class BELTLESS PTO Wood Chippers –
    Liberty DX Series 5” & 8”

  • Highest Quality Control Standards Ensures Peak Performance from Day 1

  • Buying a Liberty Chipper means you’re choosing durability, performance, and TRUE VALUE.

  • Industry's #1 Warranty - 4-years!

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When you get sold more than need in reality you get less. Liberty Chippers straightforward design = more time chipping and less time servicing your wood chipper.


So many Liberty Chipper customers already enjoy their Liberty Chippers and we remain eager to prove why we remain the best choice for you.


Seamless attaching to your tractor, substantial flywheel size & ease of operation ensure expectation shattering performance along with consistent performance.

Liberty Wood Chippers

Liberty Wood Chippers

Liberty Chippers offers the finest PTO Wood Chippers available. Each Liberty Chipper is meticulously assembled by hand, combining a sturdy steel frame, impeccable welds, and quality components. Liberty Chippers has a PTO Wood Chipper for your tractor.

Performance, durability, and reliability come by way of careful design. Our available auto feed roller system is ideal for logs, limbs, and brush up to 8" in diameter. Our substantial flywheel ensures consistent and rugged performance. In fact, our Liberty Chipper comes with an industry leading 4-year warranty. The 23.5" feed chute and auto feed roller allow you to feed large amounts of logs, limbs, and brush seamlessly versus traditional gravity fed PTO Driven Wood Chippers.

A Liberty PTO Wood Chipper will serve as the best and last wood chipper you will ever need. The wide feed chute, auto-feed roller system, and substantial flywheel allow for incredible performance. The Liberty PTO Wood Chipper represents the finest PTO Chipper for you tractor.


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